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August Stevens - CEO

CEO August Stevens

The CEO is responsible for the management and performance of the Ang-Gnarra Aboriginal Corporation as directed by the corporation’s board of directors. This includes business planning, establishing operational policies and procedures, including financial management practices, corporate governance and undertaking the day-to-day tasks of the corporation. In addition, the CEO supports the corporate governance duties of the board, provides corporation related assistance to the Ang Gnarra members and manages the corporation’s relationship and contractual obligations with external stakeholders.

August Stevens cultural background are of Maori (Ngai Tahu  – Ngai Tuhoe)  and Samoan heritage and has been involved in Aboriginal affairs for over 40 years – he can be contacted on mobile ceo@anggnarra.org.au

Ours is an ancient culture which is based on a deep association with the land and all it offers. We have to respect it, care for it and hand it to the next generation.

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