Ang-Gnarra Aboriginal Corporation

The Ang-Gnarra Aboriginal Corporation of Laura (Ang Gnarra) is a registered Aboriginal corporation, which was incorporated on 19 October 1984 as a representative Organisation for the Aboriginal community of Laura. It is the trustee of the traditional lands of  the KuKu Thay Pan, Olkola, Ku Ku Pussom / KuKu Warra and Laura people, which is situated around the township of Laura.

The corporation is composed of Aboriginal members who normally live in or near Laura, or who are accepted as having traditional or historical affiliation with the surrounding Quinkan Country.

One of the corporation’s key areas of responsibility is to support and advise on matters relating to the cultural heritage of Quinkan Country.

The corporation is currently undertaking significant organisational and economic development to establish commercial activities for the benefit of its members. There are currently, approximately 45 registered members.

Our ancestors made that art you see on the rocks - guide Roy Banjo

This is our country. The place of our ancestors. You have to know that way to understand Aboriginal way. The land gives us what we need. Food, shelter, tradition, law, dance. They were put there in the dreaming. That way we live. All things work together: the land, the law, the culture, the heritage. That way things work.

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