Quinkan Country added to National Heritage List

Quinkan Country added to National Heritage List

The Quinkan Country has been added to the National Heritage List, inscribed on 10 November 2018. It’s been recognised as having outstanding heritage value to the nation, because of its importance to the course, or pattern, of Australia’s natural or cultural history.

Quinkan Country is a dynamic cultural landscape that demonstrates how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples adapted and modified their traditions, kin structures and practices to maintain their connection to country, culture and identity.

The area known as Quinkan Country and added to the National Heritage List is located on extensive lands surrounding the small township of Laura. Please see this map, showing the boundaries.

Ang-Gnarra Aboriginal Corporation CEO August Stevens said this was a landmark event, which had been years in the planning and making.

“It has been a long journey to get to this point, a lot of our TOs have passed since the beginning of this journey,” Mr Stevens said.

Quinkan country is a place with a special association with the life and works of the late Dr Tommy George, Dr George Musgrave, Percy Trezise AM and Dick Roughsey. Their decades of collaborative work continues to educate the broader public and provides a foundation for archaeological work, rock art research and the cultural appreciation of Quinkan Country.

This milestone announcement is significant for the Ang-Gnarra Aboriginal Corporation, who are the trustees of the traditional lands of the Quinkan Country.

For more information please visit the below sites, or contact the Ang-Gnarra Aboriginal Corporation on 07 4060 2239 or gm.anggnarra@outlook.com

www.environment.gov.au/heritage/places/national/quinkan-country | National Heritage List – Quinkan Country

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