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Becoming a sponsor for the Laura Quinkan Dance Festival presents a unique opportunity for you to align with Australia’s longest running Cultural Festival with an International following and to support remote Indigenous communities. Our sponsorship strategy is tailored to suit the outcomes sought by each organisation, whether you want to share in our community spirit or achieve tangible business outcomes, we invite you to take part. All proposals should address the following points:

  • How your proposal will benefit the delivery of the Laura Quinkan Dance Festival.
  • How your organisation aligns with the vision of the Laura Quinkan Dance Festival and the interests of the broader community.
  • Any prior performance or involvement in previous Cultural Services activities and/or events.
  • What level of sponsorship, either monetary or in-kind, you are interested in investing?

For more information, or to receive a sponsorship package that outlines the benefits of supporting the Laura Quinkan Dance Festival for 2020, please contact Event Coordinator Kori Totorewa on 0473 491 540 or

Dance keeps our culture alive. Keeps the younger generation involved. Dance is a part of our lifestyle.

Laura Dance Festival >> Acknowledges our Current Sponsors

We would like to acknowledge our current sponsor, Bundarra. Bundarra manufactures Indigenous clothing using authentic paintings. In addition to a range of mens, womens and childrens clothes, they also supply custom corporate uniforms, teamwear and promotional products.

Bundara are committed to supporting community. Whether it be partnering with a festival, like the Laura Dance Festival, promoting local businesses and events, or sponsoring youth through numerous programs and initiatives.

Anggnarra and the community of Laura thanks you for your generosity and support Bundarra and we look forward to welcoming other sponsors on board, with the Laura Dance Festival.

Music and dance go together. Everybody dances – it is just in you and you do it all the time. The old people danced because it was part of their life. We do the same.

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