Laura Dance Festival Objectives

The Laura Dance Festival provides ample opportunities that are based on the preservation, promotion and protection of Indigenous Language, Artefacts and Culture. We aim to:

  • Maintain and contribute to an active and sustainable Arts and Cultural Industry.
  • Uphold Cultural values and protocols, ensuring that they are integrated into service planning and project delivery.
  • Provide a platform that promotes collaborations and partnerships.
  • Enhance the quality of life for residents through participation and engagement.
  • Providing training and employment for residents and/or Indigenous people’s/organisations.

The Ang-Gnarra Aboriginal Corporation are proud to be arranging and hosting the 2020 Laura Dance Festival and we look forward to seeing you here on 3-4-5 July 2020. If you’d like to be involved, or have any queries in regards to this event, please contact Event Officer Angela Lui on (07) 4031 0641 or email

Dance keeps our culture alive. Keeps the younger generation involved. Dance is a part of our lifestyle.

Laura Dance Festival >> Planned Benefits Short & Long Term

In the short term we enable:

  • Communities to undertake activities that strengthen unity and promotion of cultural protocols, language and cultural maintenance.
  • Traditional dancers and cultural practices from various communities, are shared and preserved for future generations.
  • Increased income for individuals and businesses derived from the sale of arts, food stalls, ticket sales, camping, hire of equipment and cultural tourism.

In the long term, the Laura Dance Festival will:

  • Increase international recognition on the value of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander arts and culture within Queensland.
  • Increase knowledge, and application of copyright and intellectual property rights in relation to arts, crafts, culture and traditional knowledge.
  • Provide a festival that is current yet culturally appropriate.
  • Increase tourism and business opportunities for the community of Laura and surrounding areas.
  • Provide the opportunity for long term partnerships and working collaborations that supports the festival objectives.
  • Contribute to the state’s economy and tourism industry.

Music and dance go together. Everybody dances – it is just in you and you do it all the time. The old people danced because it was part of their life. We do the same.

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