Federal Minister Visits Laura for talks with Ang-Gnarra Aboriginal Corporation

Federal Minister Visits Laura for talks with Ang-Gnarra Aboriginal Corporation

Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion recently visited Laura, to speak with the Ang-Gnarra Aboriginal Corporation about future funding and directions.

During his visit, the Senator met and held talks with Ang-Gnarra Aboriginal Corporation Chairman John Ross and CEO August Stevens. He also visited some of the rock art sites, guided by some of our Board Members.

CEO August Stevens said it was great to see the Indigenous Affairs Minister in Laura.

“We struggle to get our local member out here, let alone a federal minister,” he said. “I think it would be safe to say that he’s the first federal minister to visit Laura before.”

Mr Stevens said Senator Scullion was on the ground to promote the federal government’s new microfunding scheme for Indigenous organisations. Senator Scullion visited Laura as a part of his October 2018 tour to several remote communities, across the Northern Territory and Cape York Peninsula.

The visit enabled the Ang-Gnarra Aboriginal Corporation to have direct dialogue with the Senator, about future funding and economic expansion opportunities. It was a positive meeting and the Ang-Gnarra CEO and Board of Directors issued a statement about recent changes.

“Without the professional work of Many Rivers assisting our small corporation, building a strong foundation for our future pathway would have been almost impossible,” the board said.

“This future pathway has now been defined with professional mentoring and tools to keep us on track, to help us achieve our business vision for the future.”

For more information on the Senator’s tour, please visit the www.indigenous.gov.au website or download this media clipping.

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